Welcome to Dagit Dumaguete Site! 🙂

Wanna know more about the place tagged as the “City of Gentle People?” Then you’ve come to the right place!

Dumaguete City, is the capital and largest city of Negros Oriental, which is now part of Region 18 or mostly known as the Negros Island Region. It’s earned its moniker as the the ‘City of Gentle People’ because of the laid back ambience of the city as well as Dumagueteños gentility in both manners and bearing.

Dumaguete was coined from the Visayan word “dagit” which means “to snatch” because of the city’s ability to attract visitors and making them want to stay longer in the place. The city maybe small in size but the number of things Dumaguete City can offer is definitely unlimited.

Since a lot of people have been coming in and out of Dumaguete, we decided to come up with this website called Dagit Dumaguete. We aim to give you the latest trends and updates in Dumaguete City for you to understand how the city can “dagit” more people to love and stay in the place for long time. As we go along, we’ll be featuring places, stores, restaurants, activities and other things that you can do when you’re around the city. These maybe things or activities you might have done already or places you may not have expected to exist around the small corners of Dumaguete.

Also, meet and greet the team behind Dagit Dumaguete as we move on. This site will also entail the advocacy the team behind the site supports. Together, let us all go a long way as we express our views and concerns, as well as, promote our rights and responsibilities of our advocacy.

It’s nice meeting you all and see you around!


Vision:  Dagit Dumaguete, a blog site, envisions becoming a medium to make Dumaguete City and its people known globally and entice more citizens to include Dumaguete in the must-visit destinations in their lifetime.

Mission:  Dagit Dumaguete exists to promote both Dumaguete City and Dumagueteños lifestyle and success stories to inspire people all over the world through our blog site.

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email us at dagitdumaguete@gmail.com


-Dagit Dumaguete Team


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