Dumaguete: Lungsod ng mga Taong Mababait

(Ngayon ay buwan ng Agosto at bago magtapos ang buwan ay ibig kong isulat ang aking artikulo sa wikang pambansa – wikang Filipino)

Photo Credit to Owner :http://www.filipinoscribe.com/2015/06/08/buwan-ng-wika-2015-filipino-wika-ng-pambansang-kaunlaran/
Photo Credit to Owner :http://www.filipinoscribe.com/2015/06/08/buwan-ng-wika-2015-filipino-wika-ng-pambansang-kaunlaran/

Ang Pilipinas ay isang pangkaraniwang bansa na binubuo ng iba’t ibang isla. Ang hiwa hiwalay na isla ay binubuo ng tatlong grupo, ang Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao. Dahil na rin sa ating hiwa-hiwalay na isla ay iba iba ang ating wika ngunit hindi ito naging hadlang upang ang lahat ng Pilipino sa iba’t ibang isla ay magkaintindihan. Mayroong Kapampangan, Ilocano, Bisaya at iba pang mga wika ang bansa.

Ang Visayas kung saan matatagpuan ang Dumaguete ay mayroong maraming wika, may Bisaya, Cebuano at Ilonggo. Maging ang tono at uri ng pagsasalita ay iba iba rin, depende kung saan ka banda sa Visayas nakatira. Ngunit lahat ng tao ay nagkakaintindihan dahil ang iba ibang wika kahit papaano ay may pagkakatulad.

Ang mga Dumagueteño ay Bisaya ngunit magaling magsalita ng Ilonggo at Tagalog. Bakit? Maliban sa impluwensya ng telebisyun ay maipagmamalaki rin natin na ang ating lugar ay dinarayu ng ating mga karatig lugar at isa ito sa mga dahilan na mas natutunan natin ang wika nila at natuto din sila sa ating wika. Hindi maipagkakaila na sikat ang Dumaguete sa mga kapwa natin Pilipino at ang lugar ay binabalik balikan ng mga dumarayo dito.

Photo Credit to Owner: http://philtraveltours.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/dumaguete-city-bell-tower.jpg

Ang Dumaguete ay higit na kilala bilang “City of Gentle People”. Bakit nga ba nakilala tayo bilang lungsod ng mababait na tao? Ito ay dahil sa ating kagandahang-asal at paggalang sa mga kaugalian at pag-uugali. Hindi lingid sa ating kaalaman na marami ang dumadayo sa lungsod at karamihan sa mga dayo na naninirahan na talaga dito sa Dumaguete ay nagustuhan ang lugar sa iba’t iba at hindi na mabilang na mga kadahilanan.

Ang Dagit Dumaguete ay minsang nag-ikot-ikot sa lunsod at nagtanong-tanong sa aming mga nakasalubong kung ano ang isang bagay na nagustuhan nila sa Dumaguete. Karamihan sa kanila ay nagustuhan ang tahimik, mapayapa, banayad, at payak ang pamumuhay dito. Iilan lamang ito sa maraming dahilan kung bakit ang Dumaguete ay mahal at minamahal ng hindi lamang ng mga katutubong Dumagueteño kundi pati narin ng mga dayuhan at turista.

Maging ang mga kapwa Pilipino natin ay nahihikayat na manirahan dito sa lungsod ng Dumaguete. Sa katunayan ay mayroong sumulat ng tungkol sa kanyang karanasan dito at kung paano napamhal sa kanya ang Dumaguete.

Basahin ang artikulo dito Lungsod ng Dumaguete

Ang lungsod ng Dumaguete ay isa sa mga lugar na totoong mayaman sa kultura at mayabong ang  pamumuhay. Sa tagal kong pamamalagi rito marami akong napagtanto, isa sa mga ito ay ang pagpatunay na totoo talagang “City of Gentle People,” ang lugar na ito. Halos lahat ng mga tao rito ay madaling pakisamahan, mapagkumbaba, mababait at magigiliw sa mga panauhin. Ilan lamang ito sa mga katangian ng mga tao rito.”

Hindi ba’t nakakagalak at nakakataba ng puso ang ganitong pagpuri hindi lamang ng mga dayuhan kundi pati narin ng ating mga kapwa Pilipino sa ating lungsod? Aminin natin na hindi lahat ng lugar ay nakakatanggap ng ganitong pagpuri.

Sa makatuwid, ang Lungsod ng Dumaguete ay hindi lamang kaaya-ayang bisitahin kundi kaaya-aya ring tirhan. Sabi nga nila diba? “Mas masaya sa Pilipinas”. Ngunit dito sa Dumaguete, hindi lamang masaya kundi mapayapa pa.

Disclaimer: Please note that photos from this article are not owned by Dagit Dumaguete. Kindly credit the photos to the rightful owner as specified in every caption. Dagit Dumaguete Team only wants to share good news and information happening in the City. No harm intended. Thank you!

Reflexology Center in Dumaguete

Reflexology is a type of massage that applies pressure on areas of your feet, hands or ears and these certain areas which they call the reflex points are connected to other body parts/organs. Pressing those reflex areas gives beneficial effect on a person’s health.

Fortunately, we have a Reflexology Center here in Dumaguete, located at the Cathedral Church. The center started in 2002  and it was initially located at the back part of Dumaguete Cathedral Church with only six (6) reflexologists. It  was moved to Quezon Park at some point but was moved back to Catheral Church (their current location inside the church) when Bishop John Du was leading the Parish in 2004.  The group is a member of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) under the Healing Ministry.


Guess what? You don’t have to pay a lot of money just to experience this type of massage. Just bring with you your own towel, oil, and alcohol. They only accept donation of any amount. The amount  accumulated will go to the Church, the Members, and their Trust Fund. Here’s the breakdown: 10% church; 45% trust funds which the members benefit from; 45% is equally divided to the members on duty of the day. Aside from the relaxation while being massage, the donation that you made is not just for the therapist but you have also contributed to the Church.

reflex2The members of the Reflexology Center also have their set of rules, according to the group’s leader and secretary Gerly Alfanta, there are two shifts per day but member is only expected to report on duty for a day in a week. but if member’s can report on duty on any day they feel but it’s not counted as a replacement of their schedule. If a member incurs 7 days consecutive absences he/she will lead be suspended.

reflex6They say too much of something is bad, don’t worry, the therapist only spends 25-30 minutes massage because it is no longer healthy if they go beyond that.

Reflexology helps to balance the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your whole body – Reflexology Association of Canada

Reflexology has a lot of benefits but of course there are important precautions before deciding on getting a reflex. This board can be seen once you enter the center. Just take note of each precautions and reminders.reflex9

For those who just wants to relax and enjoy the massage, you can always come here and there are a lot of members that can cater to you. But if you are interested to learn and want to be part of the Healing Ministry (Reflexoloy Center), they also offer also offer free training. There are requirements that needs to be complied. Interested person must be a Catholic, with good moral character, and if married, he/she should be Church Wed (not Civil Wed). Prior to training, interested person should observe for 90 days and the actual training is only one week and after 2 years, you can already be a bonafide member.

reflex89Currently only Dumaguete, Tanjay, Bais, Siaton and Bacong churches have this kind of program or group. Accordning to Girly Alpanta, Cardinal Vidal envisions to have this kind of group and services in the different Catholic Churches in the country.

This reflexology center is indeed one of the best place here in Dumaguete to go to after a days work or a stressful week. You can bring your friends and family with you and relax while these therapist take care of you.

Let me leave you with this:

“you don’t need to have a lot of money just to enjoy a good massage, you just need to know where to go”

UPDATED: Got Tags? WE Got YOU! Fun is Up!

As promised the Got Tags? WE Got YOU! Challenge is up now! We posted the first hashtag topic of the week in Facebook at 8:00am today. So for those who check out our blog every now and then here’s our first hashtag for the week.

Got Tags? WE Got YOU! first # topic of the week. Please use this hashtag along with #dagitduma for your photo entries in Instagram.
Got Tags? WE Got YOU! first # topic of the week. Please use this hashtag along with #dagitduma for your photo entries in Instagram.

Got Tags? WE Got YOU! is an Instagram fun which we would like to encourage everyone to join and participate. This is not exclusive to Dumagueteños only. If you happen to be visiting Dumaguete in the coming days, please use the hashtag of the week along with #dagitduma in your Instagram post/s to join and participate in this fun.

Why good vibes? We wanted to see the things (whether food, places, stores, experiences, and other stuff) in Dumaguete City that give off the “good vibe” feel to you guys when you are around the city. So if you happen to have a lot of good times here in Dumaguete be sure to capture that moment and share it in Instagram. Tell us a story of your photo and the good vibes it gave you and use the hashtags #goodvibes and #dagitduma.

Let’s start this fun going and looking forward to interacting with you all! 🙂 See you in Instagram.

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Miss CBA Bags Crown for Miss Silliman 2015

Miss Silliman 2015 Genin Amiscaray Photo Credit to: Dumaguete.com
                                 Miss Silliman 2015 Genin Amiscaray
                                    Photo Credit to: Dumaguete.com

In spite of the all controversies Miss Silliman 2015 and its committee faced last August 24, 2015 at the coronation night in Macias Sports and Cultural Complex, College of Business Administration representative Genin Amiscaray was named Miss Silliman 2015. The College of Business Administration (CBA) has seized the crown for Miss Silliman twice in a row now since 2014.

Miss Silliman 2014 Sophia Diago passing on the crown to Miss Silliman 2015 Genin Amiscaray. Both are from the College of Business Administration. Photo credit to: dumaguete.com
Miss Silliman 2014 Sophia Diago passing on the crown to Miss Silliman 2015 Genin Amiscaray. Both are from the College of Business Administration.
Photo credit to: dumaguete.com

This year’s Miss Silliman definitely made some noise after multiple changes were made and announced during the pageant night – from declaring the top 5 candidates to adding a sixth one and announcing to make it top 8 instead after the six candidates answered the final question and finally getting back down to the original top 5. All these and more dramas were witnessed by the spectators last Thursday. After much stalling and deliberation the candidates ended up voting among themselves whether to push through with top 8 and go through another Q&A portion given that the additional two candidates heard the final question and the top 6 candidates answers. Bottom line, the candidates decided to just retain the top 5 and proceeded with the rest of the program.

Genin Amiscaray of Business Administration went home the crown for Miss Silliman 2015. The runners-up are Miss Arts and Sciences Jeva Rhoden (first runner-up), Miss Public Administration and Governance Shamah Bulangis (second runner-up), Miss Nursing Maria Christina Goodwin (third runner-up), and Miss Mass Communication Dae Narah Garcia (fourth runner-up) respectively.

Here are the runners-up for Miss Silliman 2015 respectively. Photo source: Official Facebook Page of Miss Silliman 2015
Here are the runners-up for Miss Silliman 2015 respectively.
                                                        Photo source: Official Facebook Page of Miss Silliman 2015

Below are the criteria followed in determining the top 5 candidates for this year based from the Miss Silliman 2015 committee:

  • 30% – Press Launch
  • 30% – Pre-pageant
  • 40% – Pageant Night

Here are the top 5 candidates answers to the final question “How do you relate the Miss Silliman pageant to the whole person education of Silliman University?”

Miss CBA – The Miss Silliman pageant taught a lesson: that beauty is beyond skin-deep.

Miss AS – There is no question that Silliman University can produce holistic graduates.

Miss SPAG – She (Bulangis) believes that the holistic graduates are what Miss Silliman is all about.  

Miss Nursing – We have to remember that Silliman University revolves around one thing: Via, Veritas, Vita.

Miss MassCom – I know Silliman like the back of my hand.

Note: The answers were taken from the official Facebook Page of Miss Silliman. Click here to visit the page.

Minor awards were also awarded to the candidates which were mostly won by Miss College of Engineering and Design Lexandrea delaCerna and Miss SPAG Shamah Bulangis.

For more photos of the pageant night and Miss Silliman 2015 candidates please click links below:

Miss Silliman 2015 Facebook Page

Dumaguete Info Net Service

Got Tags? WE Got You!

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Dagit Dumaguete will go through the hashtag of the week everyday and will choose one “Photo of the Day” which we will post in our Facebook and Instagram accounts. The photo (amongst our selected ‘Photo of the Day’) who gets the highest likes (hearts) in Instagram for the entire week, will be featured in our blog site until the next picture is determined.

Admin Muriel holding the hashtag icon
Admin Muriel holding the hashtag icon


  • hashtag topic (#____) + #dagitduma : Will run for one (1) week
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DAGIT DUMA ASKS AROUND: What’s the One Thing You Love About Dumaguete?

If you constantly check our blog site, you’ll find yourself landing on our ABOUT page every time you do that. We shared in our ABOUT page the reason behind Dagit Dumaguete blog site. How we came up with this blog site and the reasons and ideologies that hold us together in this team.

Since we aim to give you the latest trends and updates in Dumaguete City for us to understand how the city can ‘dagit‘ more people to love and stay in our place for a long time, Dagit Dumaguete went around the capitol area last August 21, 2015 and we asked the students and the people that we come across with the one thing that they love about Dumaguete.

Check out what these people are loving about the place tagged as the City of Gentle People.

Dagit Dumaguete – keeping you posted.

DAGIT DUMA ASKS AROUND: How Was Your Negros Love Dance East #BoundforDuma Experience?

Read Part I: EAST meets WEST: Negros Love Dance East – #BOUNDFORDUMA

Read Part II: Negros Love Dance East: #BOUNDFORDUMA

It was a night full of music, party and drinks indeed. The thrill and excitement was felt in the air even though the event wasn’t able to start on the set time. Given the erratic weather of the day, the music festival still pushed through.

The huge stage with different high-end equipment stood in the middle of the the field in Freedom Park. The stage was definitely set as the center of the scene outlined with colored lights, beams and machine that pours our fire, confetti and smoke depending on which effect you switch it to.

Yesterday's Negros Love Dance East 2015 set up! #boundforduma #dagitduma #negroslovedance2015

A post shared by DagitDuma (@dagitduma) on

As the night goes deeper, party-goers started to flock the area to start jamming with the line up of artists set for the Negros Love Dance East #BoundforDuma Festival. Everyone enjoyed the music. People sang with the DJs and jammed to the electronic music in full blast within the covered area of the Freedom Park.

The gentle drizzle and the night breeze accompanied by the dew never stopped Dumaguete from experience the first ever Negros Love Dance Festival in the city. Dagit Dumaguete had the chance to ask some of the party-goers about their Negros Love Dance experience. Check out what some of them are saying.

Dagit Dumaguete – Keeping you posted.

Dagit Dumaguete on Breastfeeding Advocacy

If you have been following our blog, Facebook Page and Instagram account, it wouldn’t be a surprise for you guys why Dagit Dumaguete is actively promoting breastfeeding. The answer is pretty simple. It’s not because it’s breastfeeding month but rather because breastfeeding is an advocacy Dagit Dumaguete strongly supports.

Since the blog was formed two months ago, it has been decided that the blog will not solely talk about the latest happenings in the city and the best things to experience here in Dumaguete but also to support some advocacies we believe is worth supporting for. Currently, Dagit Dumaguete is actively supporting breastfeeding advocacy.

What is an advocacy? Advocacy is a public support for a certain cause or policy. For Dagit Dumaguete, our cause is maximum awareness on exclusive breastfeeding and the policy embodied in R.A. 10028 also known as the Expanded Breastfeeding Act. As we move along in the coming days expect that we will be actively promoting information about this law and the importance and benefits of exclusive breastfeeding.

However, we wouldn’t want to just stop on spreading awareness. Spreading the word is not enough. As one of the many supporters to this advocacy, we want to make sure that exclusive breastfeeding is normalized here in Dumaguete in the years to come. Acting on it is what Dagit Dumaguete thinks is needed.

It’s been in the news that our country is one of the top nations with the least number of exclusive breastfeed children despite our country’s full implementation of the Milk Code. (You may read our specific post about this topic here.)

We believe that changing the mindset of our people is the key to this struggling concerns and issues regarding normalizing exclusive breastfeeding along with an established support group that caters to the needs of our breastfeeding mothers.

Dagit Dumaguete kicked off Philippine’s National Breastfeeding Month celebration by joining in the Hakab Na! 2015 worldwide event last August 1, 2015. It was the first time for Dumaguete to participate and contribute to this event. This served as our stepping stone to help promote awareness on exclusive breastfeeding and the benefits that come with it.

The team continues to strongly support breastfeeding advocacy by actively participating in the Breastfeeding Kapihan sa PIA (Philippine Information Agency) last August 18, 2015. During the conference Primrose Bueno from the Dumaguete City Health Office, Hilda Torres of the Provincial Health Office and Clarisse Sy, one of the admins of Dagit Dumaguete gathered together and had the chance to speak and talk about the economic and health benefits of breastfeeding as well as the importance of raising awareness, support and protection of every mother’s right to breastfeed.

In addition, RA 10028 was discussed in particular especially the provision that protects the working mother’s right to continue providing breast milk to her child after she goes back to work from her maternity leave benefit. The Republic Act requires establishments and workplaces to set up lactation rooms for the benefit of the public and its employees as well as implement policies and programs that will allow the working mother to express milk while at work.

During the conference, Hilda Torres from IPHO assured that the provincial health office has established monitoring guidelines on the implementation of Milk Code in the province to which Primrose Bueno of the the Dumaguete City Health Office also concurred that the city has been doing the same thing.

In relation to the lactation rooms, Bueno said that they have spread awareness on this matter and has monitored few establishments in the city. So far, these establishments has already set lactation rooms or area in their respective vicinity.

On the other hand, both Bueno and Torres confirmed the existence of Breastfeeding Support Groups both in the city and the province. However, the members of these support groups are mostly busy and can hardly find time to sit and and talk on the programs and ways they can promote  exclusive breastfeeding further.

It is never too late to change old practices though. Dagit Dumaguete believes that with the right push on awareness and establishing a breastfeeding support group with strong commitment to its goals and objectives, normalizing exclusive breastfeeding in the city is greatly within our reach. 

Dagit Dumaguete will continue to strengthen our support in normalizing breastfeeding in Dumaguete City. Our doors are open to like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision to raise awareness about breastfeeding, help local establishments and companies set up lactation stations and programs and ensure that every mother’s right to breastfeed her child is supported and protected.

NORSU – One of the Best Engineering Schools in the Philippines

Dagit Dumaguete is proud to say that one of the universities who belonged to the Top Ten Best Engineering Schools in the Philippines, as per http://www.topten.ph/, is here in Dumaguete City. Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) ranked #3 on the list.

According to the article, schools were ranked according to their aggregated scores from 16 engineering-related board exams. A school must offer at least 4 engineering courses to qualify in the ranking.

The list does not aim to find the best “particular engineering” school in the country but for the best engineering school (all engineering courses or in this case, at least 4 and 6 engineering courses) in general. The list is also only based on passing percentages of board exams not hiring statistics

Read full article here

Negros Love Dance East: #BOUNDFORDUMA


Finally, Negros Love Dance Festival is happening today! Get ready for another momentous experience. Witness a total of 22 Acts during the event: with six (6) International Acts, six (6) are Nationally-known artists and 10 of the region’s top electronic music artists and performers.

Jetfire // Miki Taka // Marc Marasigan // Jet Boado // The Zombettes // Deuce // Joyce Prince // Vega // Godmachine // Frac Attack // Jack Stone // Miguel Rojas // Mark Mira // Martin Silverio // Mike Franco // Kyla Diamante // Aileen Gonzales // Melvin Baridiano // MC CB // Kim Covert & Elana Joy Bartlett // Fabio Ide

 Check out their videos/trailers to see a glimpse of what will you experience at the party event.

Negros Love Dance East: #BoundForDuma Trailer Chapter 0: CONCEPTION & JETFIRE

Negros Love Dance East: #BoundForDuma Chapter 1: LOVE

Negros Love Dance East Trailer Chapter 2: #BoundForDuma

There are so many reasons why we to come to Dumaguete and the story of our lives on why we come back to Dumaguete. The life, the culture, and the spirit of DAGIT in Dumaguete is highlighted on the intimacy and love of the grand homecoming euphoria. Travel to Dumaguete to fall in love, and go for a Negros Oriental adventure, and by the end of the day, have your own story of your lives to tell. LOVE IS COMING TO TOWN. – EVO PHILIPPINES


Get spotted by the Havaianas Roving Team at Negros Love Dance and get a chance to win a Havaianas Flip-Float

So gear up for this party event and let’s party till sunrise. See you all there!!!

Check out our previous post EAST meets WEST #BOUNDFORDUMA to know more about this premier electronic dance music festival