DAGIT Asks Around: Name one best place for food trip when in Dumaguete City

Dumaguete City is no doubt a gastronomic destination. Whenever you search for Dumaguete and the things that you can do in the city, food trip will never be missed out on the list of things you can do here. Aside from the laid back lifestyle here, the city offers different cuisine and experience whichever is your preference in taste and food.

The food scene in Dumaguete is truly exceptional.  From fine dining to cozy cafes and restaurants to fast food chains down to the street food scene here, one can have a variety of options to choose from.

So for our third installment of DAGIT Asks Around the team went around the heart of the city and asked a few people we met to name one best place for food trip when in Dumaguete City. We told them to name the place they think should be best experienced here or shouldn’t be missed when traveling to Dumaguete City whether it’s in a fancy restaurant or street food experience.

Check out what these people are saying or recommending and their reasons why they chose that specific place.

You think they missed out something? Please feel free to comment below the place you think is best for food trip when visiting Dumaguete. Your inputs and suggestions are highly appreciated.

Till our next DAGIT Asks Around sessions folks! 🙂


DAGIT DUMA ASKS AROUND: What’s the One Thing You Love About Dumaguete?

If you constantly check our blog site, you’ll find yourself landing on our ABOUT page every time you do that. We shared in our ABOUT page the reason behind Dagit Dumaguete blog site. How we came up with this blog site and the reasons and ideologies that hold us together in this team.

Since we aim to give you the latest trends and updates in Dumaguete City for us to understand how the city can ‘dagit‘ more people to love and stay in our place for a long time, Dagit Dumaguete went around the capitol area last August 21, 2015 and we asked the students and the people that we come across with the one thing that they love about Dumaguete.

Check out what these people are loving about the place tagged as the City of Gentle People.

Dagit Dumaguete – keeping you posted.

DAGIT DUMA ASKS AROUND: How Was Your Negros Love Dance East #BoundforDuma Experience?

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It was a night full of music, party and drinks indeed. The thrill and excitement was felt in the air even though the event wasn’t able to start on the set time. Given the erratic weather of the day, the music festival still pushed through.

The huge stage with different high-end equipment stood in the middle of the the field in Freedom Park. The stage was definitely set as the center of the scene outlined with colored lights, beams and machine that pours our fire, confetti and smoke depending on which effect you switch it to.

As the night goes deeper, party-goers started to flock the area to start jamming with the line up of artists set for the Negros Love Dance East #BoundforDuma Festival. Everyone enjoyed the music. People sang with the DJs and jammed to the electronic music in full blast within the covered area of the Freedom Park.

The gentle drizzle and the night breeze accompanied by the dew never stopped Dumaguete from experience the first ever Negros Love Dance Festival in the city. Dagit Dumaguete had the chance to ask some of the party-goers about their Negros Love Dance experience. Check out what some of them are saying.

Dagit Dumaguete – Keeping you posted.