Offering the classic delectable dimsum dishes, a new Harbour City Dimsum House opens in Dumaguete City on October 15, 2016. Harbour City Dimsum House is a homegrown restaurant in Cebu which brings with it the famous Hong Kong inspired classic dimsum and teahouses experience. Just like its famous tagline, it’s Everyday Hong Kong in Dumaguete now.

The restaurant is located at Silliman Avenue and with its big signage you’ll never have a hard time finding this dimsum house. Harbour City offers the widest range of dimsum choices, where the food is wheeled in by servers straight to the customer’s table-sides for convenient and fast selection. This unique way of serving the food to customers is practiced across all Harbour City branches in the Philippines. One cart is dedicated for steamed goods while the second cart is for fried goods and lastly the third cart is for the drinks. The servers roam around the restaurant so customers will just point whatever they like on the menu. The carts have burners so food temperature is maintained.

Food wheeled in by servers straight to your tables. One for fried goods, one for steamed goods, and the last one for drinks.
Food wheeled in by servers straight to your table. One for fried goods, one for steamed goods and the last one for drinks.

The servers were also trained for suggestive way of selling. For those who are not familiar with Chinese cuisine but are ‘in’ for the experience, worry less because Harbour City servers are good in suggesting the best food which goes well with the other dimsum dishes they are serving as well as the type of sauce that goes well with your food selection.

L-R: Royalson Rama (Area Manager), Aisha Nuñez (Marketing and Promotions Officer), Mael Carballo (Marketing Assistant)
L-R: Royalson Rama (Area Manager), Aisha Nuñez (Marketing and Promotions Officer), Mael Carballo (Marketing Assistant)

Nowadays, aside from the Filipino cuisine, Chinese cuisine is the second option. Now, they have a very wide selection of dimsum that we are very excited to offer Dumaguete says Aisha Nuñez, Marketing and Promotions Officer of Harbour City Dimsum House Dumaguete

Harbour City’s best sellers are the following:

Their famous Steamed Fried Rice and definitely one of their best sellers
Their famous Steamed Fried Rice and definitely one of their best sellers
  1. Steamed Fried Rice which is a perfect combination of savory pork and shrimp toppings over seasoned fried rice.
  2. Shaomai varieties like Shaomai and Quail Egg Shaomai with each bite full of chunky pork and shrimp pieces.
  3. Spring Rolls and Garlic Pork Spare Ribs
Spring Rolls. Another best seller.
Spring Rolls. Another best seller.
Shaomai. A bite full of chunky pork and shrimp pieces.

For noodles, don’t miss to taste their Beef Sate Noodles or Lomi.

The training regimen of the restaurant’s cook is rigid explains Marketing and Promotions Officer Nuñez. They made sure that food safety and time-honored service are of great priority when dealing with their customers.

Harbour City aims to provide nice place, good quality food and value for money.
Harbour City aims to provide nice place, good quality food and value for money.
The friendly staff who opted for some photos during the Grand Opening
Photo op with the friendly staff during the Grand Opening.

The restaurant’s ambiance and atmosphere is very relaxing. The place can also accommodate big and small groups. Downstairs, they have a circular chair that can accommodate a group of 6-8 persons. They also have chairs with cushions as well as the regular chairs in the restaurants. Whether you’re going in groups or solo, Harbour City offers cozy, discreet, and unique atmosphere depending on the area you’re seated inside the restaurant.

View of the Ground floor.
View of the Ground floor.

The second floor will have three function rooms in the coming days. The room capacity will be about 25-50 people. The rooms are conjoined to accommodate those groups who opt to have a bigger space for their events or special occasions.

Harbour City is also geared up for the very competitive, wide and diverse market. According to Nuñez what’s unique about Harbour City is their menu, which have authentic, traditional recipes that are homegrown. The restaurant is also known for using all natural ingredients in their menu.

Operation hours is at 10am to 11pm daily. The restaurant is also looking at the angle of providing breakfast meals to customers hopefully in the coming months.

So why go far to experience Hong Kong? Visit Harbour City Dimsum House Dumaguete now where everyday is Hong Kong!

Here are some photos of the mouth-watering dishes Harbour City Dimsum House Dumaguete offers:

Bacon Shaomai
Bacon Shaomai
Mushroom Shaomai
Mushroom Shaomai
Fried Goods...
Fried Goods…

The restaurant also offers desserts of different varieties.

Mango Fruit Cream
Mango Fruit Cream
Creamy Leche Flan
Creamy Leche Flan

For more photos of their menu and the grand opening last Saturday head over to our Facebook Page to see the album or click hereHarbour City Dimsum House DumagueteHarbour City Dimsum House Dumaguete

During the Grand Opening on October 15, 2016 free steamed fried rice were given to the first 100 customers. The restaurant was jam-packed that day.
During the Grand Opening on October 15, 2016 free steamed fried rice were given to the first 100 customers. The restaurant was jam-packed that day.
FUN FACTS: Harbour City Dimsum House is one of the flagship brands of Harbour City Dimsum House Co., Inc. (HCDHCI). HCDHCI also operates Ding Qua Qua Dimsum and Dimsum Break restaurants. Dumaguete branch is the newest baby of Harbour City and they are looking to put up more branches in Visayas and Mindanao.

Lantaw Dumaguete: An Al Fresco Dining Experience


Lantaw Native Restaurant in Cebu is owned and operated by Pages Holdings Inc (same owners of Mooon Cafe). It has 3 branches in Cebu – Cordova (Mactan Island), Busay and SRP (South Road Properties). LANTAW, is a Cebuano word which means “view”, an apt name for the restaurants breathtaking views.

Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant Cordova (Mactan Island); Photo Source at ceburestaurants.com
Lantaw SRP; Photo Source at IL CORSO FB Page


Lantaw Busay

Lantaw offers affordable and a wide array of your favorite Filipino cuisine.

Photo Source: Lantaw Dumaguete FB page

The group discussed about bringing Lantaw to Dumaguete. Having found a suitable location that embodies the restaurant’s name “Lantaw”, Pages Holdings Inc has successfully put up it’s branch here in the city. Since it’s Lantaw, you can see Cebu and Siquijor. We found this place, so we decided to go with it. Mr. Inaki Yoldi, one of the branch owners, said in a quick interview.

In Lantaw Dumaguete branch, diners can enjoy the sea breeze in an Al Fresco dining experience. The location is the same with that of the SRP branch fronting the sea.


They opened to the public last Saturday, June 18, 2016. It was full house opening night where everyone enjoyed good food.

Ribbon cutting headed by 2nd District Congressman elect Manuel “Chiquiting” Sagarbarria with the branch owners
The restaurant is blessed by Father Enrique Balongag


The venue is perfect for families, barkadas/friends, couples, group gatherings and getaways in a cozy dining and sumptuous meal. They also have the “unroofed” area where kids can play.

Lantaw Dumaguete “unroofed” area
Native bilaos adorned the restaurant’s ceiling
The Philippines famous ride “Jeepney” front creates an impressive centerpiece of the kitchen counter
Brand color is also visible on their furnitures

As for their menu, Mr. Iñaki Yoldi mentioned that they have invented some of the menus and it’s a lot cheaper compared to the prices in the Cebu branches. Their prices cater to the Dumagueteños taste. He also mentioned that their menu is open so they can add Dumaguete specials as long as it is a native food. “Here in Dumaguete, we have 5 or 6 in the menu which are not offered in other Lantaw branches“he added.

They are open all week from 11AM to 11PM and is open for reservations for events. A function room for small & big group ideal for meetings, tranings and events is also available

Location and Contact Information

Lantaw Native Restaurant is conveniently located at Flores Avenue corner EJ Blanco Drive  (former El Camino Blanco Bar and Restaurant), Dumaguete City. For reservations, you may contact (35) 421-1296. You can also contact them at their Facebook page here for more information.

Check out our Facebook page here for more photos.


Updated: VIVID: Photo Exhibit

They say a picture paints a thousand words. It is a captured moment in time which conveys emotional content to the viewer or to the photographer himself. The photographic technique is a plus. Today four of the local photographers in Dumaguete City whose made names not just locally but also across the nation and internationally come together for a photo exhibit this February.

VIVID: Photo exhibit will run from February 12-29, 2016 at the Paseo Perdices located at the Rizal Boulevard. The photo exhibit is available during Paseo Perdices’ mall hours. Let’s get to know the four photographers behind VIVID: A photo exhibit.

Witness the photo exhibit of these four local photographers from Dumaguete City who are acclaimed international for the works they have done for their passion in photography.
Witness the photo exhibit of these four local photographers from Dumaguete City who are acclaimed internationally on the works they have done for their passion in photography.

Hersley-Ven Casero

Let’s start off with Hersley-Ven Casero. Casero is a visual artist–photographer in the city. He received his BSC in Marketing and an Artist of the Year Award from Foundation University. Who wouldn’t know an artist who’s painted most of the wall murals around the campus of Foundation University?

As a natural artist, he fell in love and immediately got hooked into photography. Being born and raised in Dumaguete, the city has shaped Casero’s perspective as a visual artist. The city, being the center of culture and the arts of Southern Philippines has served as Casero’s stage for many of his paintings and photographs. He was the Champion of the first Buglasan Festival Photo Contest in 2006, finalist of the First Philippine Air Lines Photo Contest 2007, finalist of the Water is Life Photo Contest 2008, one of the Top 3 winners of the Philippine Sports Photo Contest 2010 and finalist out of more than 30,000 participants coming from 166 countries worldwide of the HIPA International Photography Award 2015 with his photograph “Golden Harvest”.

He has been featured in local and national publications including the Dumaguete Metropost, Negros Chronicle, Cebu Daily Inquirer, The Visayan Daily Star, The Freeman, The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and the first Dumagueteño being featured in “Picture Perfect” of Manila Bulletin among others.

His works have also been recognized and published in international publications like front cover of Jaipur India Infomedia Magazine, the Lonely Planet, Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine, View magazine in Germany, National Publication in Denmark, Los Angeles Times, Stern Magazine and have been given due acclaim in various blogs, journals, e-magazines and online publications. Casero’s illustrations have also graced covers of books like “Dare to Win”, “Light Bearers” and “Heartbreak & Magic”. He motivates others by collaborating on art projects like the laughing boy “Ha? Project”. He is one of the photography instructors of the international South Pacific Photo Workshop. Currently, he is photographing twins for “The Twins” project and preparing artworks for upcoming shows. You can check his online portfolio at www.hersleycasero.com

Charlie Sindiong

Next in line is not other than Charlie Sindiong, who is an Electrical Engineer by profession. At present, he works as a production manager of the family-owned business, Dgte Asian Printers. Sindiong’s appreciation for photographs started at an early age. However, his passion for photography only made its break when he got his first Digital SLR in midyear of 2005.

Self-taught, and with his own calculated styles and principles, he is known to treat simple things or complex elements to a profound and powerful imagery. He imbues his character in every un-choreographed photo he makes.

From nature to still life, festivities and the streets, the smallest ground creature to the galactic beauty of the boundless sky, he handles every subject of interest with high respect, in-depth planning and careful execution. Thus, his distinct kind of work has gained recognition and has made through numerous publications in and out of the country.


  1. Placer, Mudpack Festival Photo Contest, 2005
  2. Category Placer Cebu Sinulog Festival Photo Contest, 2007
  3. Finalist, Water is Life Photo Contest, 2008
  4. Grand Winner, Buglasan Festival Photo Contest, 2010
  5. Grand Winner, Kabulakan Festival Photo Contest, 2011
  6. Third Placer, Sipong Festival Photo Contest, 2011
  7. Category Winner, Buglasan Festival Photo Contest 2011
  8. Category Winner, Sandurot Festival Photo Contest, 2011
  9. Grand Winner, Buglasan Festival Photo Contest, 2012
  10. Second Placer, Buglasan Festival Photo Contest, 2013
  11. Finalist, Pagcor 3rd National Photo Contest, 2015

Since 2009 Sindiong has participated in five different photo exhibits excluding the latest one, VIVID: Photo Exhibit. Here are the exhibits he has participated:

  1. My Negros Oriental 2009
  2. My Negros Oriental 2010
  3. One Day Photo Safari, Bayawan 2010
  4. One Life, Many Moments, 2010
  5. Images of Faith, 2012

You may visit his gallery to check out more of his photographs at http://www.pbase.com/wishland.

Randy Bandiola

Then we have Randy Bandiola, an Information and Communications Technology Specialist and an advocate, a teacher, and entrepreneur. He earns his keeps through their family company, Algorithm Computer Services.

He  became a photographer by accident after his wife gave him a point and shoot camera. From there forward, his lenses and phone camera have captured landscapes, human interests, people, family gatherings, and the occasional selfie.

He is a great believer of Ansel Adams’ famous photography quote “There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer.” Since then his photos are his expressions of  the simple everyday things and encounter we take forgranted, which can subconsciously convey messages that stir emotions and feelings. Bandiola’s photography hobby has become his medium of advocating care for people and the environment.

Bandiola has also actively participated in My Negros Oriental 2009 and My Negros Oriental 2010 photo exhibits.

Luigi Anton Borromeo

Completing the list is Luigi Anton Borromeo, a registered nurse who graduated from Silliman University. As a student-nurse, Borromeo dabbled in photography through shooting college events and experimenting on portraits and landscape shots. Borromeo’s fascination for this form of visual art must have exponentially intensified that by the time he obtained his license as a professional nurse, he seemed to have temporarily tucked away his nursing equipment and made full use of the shutter machine as a professional photographer.

His dedication to his craft was soon rewarded with the establishment of his photography studio, Creative Stills, and his subsequent recognition as an accomplished photographer in the region winning awards such as Buglasan Festival’s 1st place Contingent Category, 1st place Festival Portrait, and among other awards in 2010. In addition, Borromeo has clinched national and international exposures through various publications.

He was chosen as Top Photographer for Amir Sali’s Search for the Next Top Model, and his coverage of the typhoon Sendong was featured in National Geographic Online. Borromeo continues to be among the sought after wedding, fashion, and portrait photographers in Negros. On top of that he still dips his hands on travel and landscape photography.

Exhibit will run from February 12-29, 2016 at the Paseo Perdices located at the Rizal Boulevard. Exhibit officially opens on February 12, 2016 at 4:00pm.
Exhibit will run from February 12-29, 2016 at the Paseo Perdices located at the Rizal Boulevard. Exhibit officially opens on February 12, 2016 at 4:00pm.

Dagit Dumaguete Team had the chance to tour around the exhibit area during the opening on February 12, 2016. True enough, the exhibit name VIVID holds true of the images the four photographers have decided to showcase this exhibit. If you check the meaning meaning of vivid, you can come up with a lot of things associated to its definition. If there’s one thing in common that we have gathered from the exhibit, it is how the photos of each photographers have vividly produced strong feelings and emotions as you look at them. We can say the exhibit itself is VIVID!

Guests getting some closeup look of the photos captured by Hersley-Ven Casero
Guests getting some closeup look at the photos captured by Hersley-Ven Casero (Photo by Junpao Wanderer)

Each photographer selected their nine best photos to include in this exhibit. Yes, given these photographers achievements and experiences, we all can assume they must have captured a lot of pictures through the years. However, for VIVID: Photo Exhibit the four decided to stick with nine photos each all arranged in the same manner and layout. The team were also hands on in making the ground floor area of Paseo Perdices turned into an area which has a photo gallery ambiance and feel with its lighting effects. Not only that, the team behind the exhibit spent some sleepless nights to make the exhibit possible, not to mention they must have spent some ample time deciding which nine photos will make to the exhibit.

The photo above are entries from Hersley-Ven Casero. When we had the chance to ask him if he has his personal favorite among the nine, he said all nine photos are his favorites and could hardly decide to choose one if he is asked to.

Photo exhibit of Randy Bandiola
Photo exhibit of Randy Bandiola (Photo by Junpao Wanderer)

We moved next to Randy Bandiola’s exhibit whose photos mostly had to do with water. According to Bandiola, it was hard coming up with the nine photos for his exhibit. He wanted his photos to have something to do with water but he also consulted the other three photographers to help him finalized his nine entries. His personal favorite among his nine photos is the pump boat reflected on calm waters. He likes how serene the water is and by looking at the photo it also gives you a calming feel. However, Bandiola said that he can’t miss out the photo below his favorite one. The photo where a child looking downwards was walking on the sea. It gives out an emotion different from the serene water. The photo feels lonely he said which we all agreed looking at it.  Bandiola shared that both photos were taken on the same place somewhere south of Negros Oriental during sunrise. He remembers vividly when he took these photos and how the fine weather felt that day.

Photo Exhibit from Luigi Borromeo
Photo Exhibit from Luigi Borromeo (Photo by Junpao Wanderer)

Next, we dropped by Luigi Borromeo’s exhibit. He shared that he considered giving out a summer vibe in selecting his nine photos for the exhibit but he can’t miss out on some of his festival shots. According to Borromeo his festival photos will always have a place in his heart because that’s  where he started. He shared that he used to join the other three photographers doing photo walk and covering festival events and activities within the province. When asked to select his memorable photo among the nine, he chose the first frame on the left side where a naked child was happily jumping off a boat. Borromeo narrated that the photo was taken on the wharf of Siquijor. On the day he went to Siquijor for some landscape photo shoot, he happened to be on board this specific boat, whom someone committed suicide by jumping off the boat when it was few kilometers away from Dumaguete already. The incident made it to the news. The body of the person who committed suicide was never found. He said he captured this boy’s moment because of how reality hits him from witnessing a shocking moment of losing a person’s life to how happiness takes over after the rain as if nothing happened.

Photo Appreciation. This one photo is from the exhibit of Luigi Borromeo
Photo Appreciation. This one photo is from the exhibit of Luigi Borromeo (Photo from Junpao Wanderer)

Even with the success of his business Creative Stills which mostly covers events like weddings and the likes, Borromeo said it always feels good to have something to go back to. For him, it is his passion for landscape photography and festivals. Taking landscape photographs serve as his anti-burnout activity from his busy schedules and appointments with Creative Stills. What he likes most about it is how he owns his time. Compared to covering a wedding where he and his team are expected to come up with an output to meet deadlines, Borromeo said that with his passion in landscape photography, he can take all the time he needs without having to worry of putting down one’s expectation or considering beating a deadline.

Photo exhibit of Charlie Sindiong with some guest asking some questions regarding his takes.
Photo exhibit of Charlie Sindiong with some guest asking some questions regarding his takes. (Photo by Junpao Wanderer)

Lastly, we ended up at Charlie Sindiong’s photo exhibit which are a mixture of everything — from the technical aspects of taking a photograph down to the emotional content of the photo in its entirety. We asked him the same question to choose one photo among his exhibit. He came up with two. One for the story behind the photo which touched our hearts after hearing the story (will not spoil the photo because will be making spotlight entry for that) and one for its technical aspect. The last having said, he chose the photo on the upper right corner where a silhouette of a bird on a branch against the rising moon was captured. He liked that photo because of its technicality. He said to capture such moment one has to be at the right place and right time. It only takes few seconds for the moon and the bird to fall in one line given the moon is rising and the bird may fly anytime. One has to be ready for that picture perfect moment considering the time, the angle the photo has to be taken and the other elements that make up the entire photograph.

Sindiong emphasized that personally for him he wanted to capture those un-choreographed moments without losing the artistry value of the picture. He said he wants to play with the viewers mind. He wants the viewers to be personally involved when they look at his photographs by making them ask through their minds how the photo was done or how the moment was captured when they see his pictures.

Tarp at the exhibit area.
Tarp at the exhibit area. (Photo by Junpao Wanderer)

After seeing the vivid photos of the four photographers and talking about the different emotions conveyed through their pictures, we asked them which is more important for them: emotional content versus photographic technique.

According to Bandiola the camera is just a tool. How you use this tool is what’s important. For him personally, you don’t need to have those extravagant camera’s to tell a wonderful story and convey feelings and emotions through photographs. You just need to have an eye for the perfect picture moment. He said both elements should always come together, however, the photographic technique will be useless if one doesn’t know how to capture an emotional photograph.

Borromeo, on the other hand, said that with Creative Stills they sometimes have to juggle with both elements. It always pays to capture the raw emotion of a moment and being able to relay that to the viewers while also making them feel the emotions existing when the photo was taken. At other times, they just have to stick with photographic techniques depending on the situation and needs.

Moreover, for Sindiong he wants both emotional content and photographic technique to be balanced at all times. According to him the subject is already given especially when you’re made up on what to shoot but with proper photographic techniques involved in capturing the moment, a photographer can intensify the emotions he wants his photo to convey to the viewers.

So if you guys have nothing to do, don’t forget to check out their VIVID: Photo Exhibit at the Paseo Perdices up until the end of February.

67th Charter Day Parade and Sandurot 2015

The celebration kick started at Rizal Boulevard with the annual “Paghimamat” presentation led by different local artists. The presentation focused on the cities origin and how it got its name.


The event was joined by the delegates from Yeongdong-gun of South Korea and Alameda, California who are both Dunaguete sister cities. Different contingents from baranggays and LGU’s in Dumaguete City paraded the city streets for its Annual Charter Day and Sandurot Festival.








Since 2013, Sandurot Festival participants shifted from barangay to school-based. This year’s participants are  Asian College Dumaguete (ACSAT), Dumaguete City High School (DCHS), Piapi High School, Negros Oriental HS, and St. Paul University-Dumaguete. Sandurot Festival is divided into two parts: the “Pasigarbo” or street dancing which starts at the Rizal Boulevard and the “Pasundayag”, or grand festival showdown at the Quezon Park.St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) won this year’s Sandurot Street Dance Competition while Dumaguete City High School (DCHS) won the Sandurot Stage Showdown.







Sandurot, which means “fellowship and reaching out” is an annual celebration depicting friendship & unity of the different regional and foreign influences which compose the residents of Dumaguete, known as the City of Gentle People.


This year, November 24 marked the city’s 67th Charter Day and is celebrated together with the Sandurot Festival.

See more of the event photos here


Miss Dumaguete 2015 Coronation Night

It was an enchanting night started with an Ariana Grande production where the ten candidates wore a leopard body suit. Together with Dumaguete’s pride Prime Machine, the ten lovely candidates had their production number with a hit from Ariana Grande’s My everything album entitled Problem. Each candidate fearlessly introduced themselves making their own spots to the judges and to all of their supporters. The shoes they used all throughout the pageant were sponsored by SHANDAR designed by a Cebu designer, Mark Anthony Tenchavez.

What makes the event more prestigious is that it was graced by our sister cities from Yeongdon and Alameda. Delegates from these two cities were able to witness a night of ten stunning ladies vying for the prestigious title as Miss Dumaguete 2015.


Every candidate made sure to showcase their true beauty, distinct personality and talent to showcase to the people how confident and glamorous Dumagueteñas are. The event was  hosted by Jonathan Cimafranca and Blinky de Leon both from Mag-TV na Cebu.

Event hosts Jonathan Cimafranca and Blinky de Leon both from Mag-TV na Cebu

The girls likewise showcased their Victoria Secret inspired swimwear carrying each candidate with pink wings. With one of the most popular hits by OMI- Hula hoop, all the ten captivating ladies exhibit their curves while having a cat walk on stage in their swimsuit attire.

Victoria’s Secret inspired swimwear with their pink wings

As stated in our previous blog (Read here), one thing different for this year’s Miss Dumaguete is that the candidates evening gowns were sponsored by the top designers in the Philippines, coming from Cebu. All the lovely ladies wore gowns in shades of blue. They also flaunt their majestic gowns during their evening gown category.

The 10 lovely ladies in their stunning evening gowns


After passing through a preliminary interview, the candidates were trimmed down from ten to five. The five lovely ladies who were able to beg the chance to bring home the crown were candidate numbers 10 -Marie Caroline Primicias, number 6- Honelyn Bato, number 3- Mavelle Tano, number 1- Sharon Fuschs and number 9-Karen Bustos. During the Final Interview, each candidate was given spare time to answer one similar question.

Chitchat with the 10 lovely candidates before choosing the Top 5

After which, the judges will determine who should deserve to be crowned as the new Queen based on the criteria set. Panel of judges contains local designers, pageant experts and celebrities such as Miss Cory Quirino, John Spainhour and Mark Anthony Tenchavez to name a few.

Celebrity Judge Miss Cory Quirino

The entire venue is completely supported by families and supporters of all candidates who showed their console from the beginning until the event ended. The night was concealed with spectacular led lights took off all over the venue thus made the place more majestic.

Miss Dumaguete 2015 – Karen Mae Pialago Bustos

Nineteen year old Silliman University Mass Communication Major in Broadcasting student Karen Mae Pialago Bustos was hailed Miss Dumaguete 201 5 in the coronation night held Monday evening, November 23,2015  at the Negros Oriental Convention Center. Karen Mae bested 9 other beauties who also vied for the title.

Miss Dumaguete 2015 Karen Mae Bustos’ winning moment


Miss Dumaguete 2014 winner Malka Shaver personally handed over the crown to her successor.

Miss Dumaguete 2014, Malka Shaver


Apart from winning the coveted title, Karen Mae also received most of the pageant’s special awards namely Best in Swimwear, Best in Production Number, Best in Evening Gown, Miss Wow Them 2015, Miss 2GO Travel and Miss Coca-Cola.

Photo grabbed from Miss Dumaguete 2015 Karen Mae Bustos FB account

Dagit Dumaguete had the chance to ask the newly crowned Miss Dumaguete 2015 of what’s next for her after the pageant and according to her as an ambassador of goodwill, she wants to fulfill her advocacy by joining green movement campaigns as she believes that by the help of one another, they can make the city a better place to live in for everyone and for mother nature. ” I believe that I can do it by taking step-by-step actions which could impact the community here in Dumaguete as well as to make people environment conscious” she added.


When asked about her plans in joining bigger pageants like Bb. Pilipinas, “I have plans on joining national pageants but I’m not yet sure for it varies on the opportunities.,” she replied.

Dagit Duma Article Contributor, Ella Elciario with celebrity judge John Spainhour

See more photos of the event from our FB page DAGIT DUMAGUETE

UPDATED: SANDUROT first MilSim Competition

If you have read our first installment of our three-part blog post regarding Dumaguete City’s 67th Charter Day and Annual Fiesta Celebration, you would know that an airsoft tournament is expected to take place this year. Though airsoft teams and tournaments have long been existing in our community, it is the first time for Dumaguete City Fiesta Committee to offer an airsoft tournament as one of the many activities we can look forward to on a 10-day fiesta celebration. For those who missed out Part I of our Dumaguete fiesta coverage, you may read full story here.

Dumaguete City alone has a few airsoft teams existing for quite a while now. These teams have joined multiple regional competitions. Others even go for national ones. However, members of these teams are often only acquainted with each other and the teams that do the same sport as them. The city takes a leap this time as it introduces airsoft sport to our community.

Airsoft is a sport that uses airsoft guns and played either indoor or outdoor. Combat scheme may differ depending on the organizing team but military tactics are used and involved to achieve objectives set for each game. Tournament scenarios can be close combat, bivouac, or military simulation.

Today’s gameplay is going to be a military simulation (MilSim). What’s more exciting about today’s game is how the mission will run through. As mentioned in our first post, the tournament will take place in the city. Military Simulations will take place at the South Sea Resort, along the entire length of the Rizal Boulevard, Silliman Avenue going to Cervantes Street and finally ending up at Robinsons Mall.

FRAG - Dumaguete Team during the Sandurot Parade in 2014.
FRAG – Dumaguete Team during the Sandurot Parade in 2014.

Curious about what exactly will happen? Dagit Dumaguete Team had the chance to talk to the organizing team of this year’s airsoft tournament. However, to avoid spoiling the fun and excitement we won’t be revealing the exact details of the military simulation that would take place within the city.

This airsoft tournament is organized by Force Recon Airsoft Group – Dumaguete or FRAG – Dumaguete. The airsoft community in Dumaguete would definitely know this team. FRAG is an international airsoft group. FRAG also exists in Ireland and Hong Kong as well as other parts of the world.

FRAG - Dumagute Team
FRAG – Dumagute Team

Charlie Agunod, one of the FRAG – Dumaguete members, shared that the group’s founder is from Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao thus their mother group is from the said place too. After organizing the groups here in the Philippines, the founder then moved to Ireland where he spread about FRAG too and created another group based in Ireland. Today, FRAG groups are now located in different countries.

As for FRAG – Dumaguete the group has existed for more than a year now. According to Juvenal P. Piñero, another FRAG – Dumaguete member that we had the chance to talk to, this year’s tournament feels like a comeback for the group since the last tournament they organized in Zamboanguita last September somehow failed short of their expectations due to bad weather and circumstances beyond their control.

FRAG Teams united. Photo taken after the Operation: Golden Sword event organized last September. Members of FRAG - Dumaguete, FRAG - Cagayan, and FRAG - Davao had the chance to meet up and get together from the event.
FRAG Teams united. Photo taken after the Operation: Golden Sword event organized last September. Members of FRAG – Dumaguete, FRAG – Cagayan, and FRAG – Davao had the chance to meet up and get together from the event.
The Dumaguete Team with FRAG - Cagayan and FRAG - Davao.
The Dumaguete Team with FRAG – Cagayan and FRAG – Davao.
Obligatory I Love Dumaguete signage pictorial with the members of FRAG - Cagayan and FRAG - Davao after the Operation: Golden Sword event.
Obligatory I Love Dumaguete signage pictorial with the members of FRAG – Cagayan and FRAG – Davao after the Operation: Golden Sword event.

Both Piñero and Agunod also asserted that they are all individually active in their respective airsoft teams. FRAG – Dumaguete members are part of different airsoft teams here in Dumaguete. Through FRAG they are able to unite.

“We’re here for the love of the game. It’s having another avenue to continue what we love doing.” discloses Piñero.

Pretty much most of us know that airsoft is a game where people bring airsoft guns and compete who’s best among them by wiping out all the members of the opposing team/s. However, this isn’t just the case especially to those who are really into this kind of sport. Airsoft sport is more on the honor system where one person who’s hit is expected to call himself out whether or not anyone saw it happen. It’s all about integrity and discipline.


Since the tournament will happen around the city, we asked Tourism Officer Woodrow Maquiling, Jr. about the safety of the spectators and he said that streamers will be put up around the city to promote awareness that a military simulation is happening since all participating teams will be in full combat gears during the tournament.

Piñero also assured that for the parts where the teams are required to walk around the city, they have strictly ordered airsoft gun magazines of all players to be pulled out and safety switch to be on the entire time until their next mission.

“It’s mags out, safety on” assures Piñero.

FRAG - Dumaguete

 Agunod also added that game marshalls, police patrol, tourist police, rescue team as well as the Traffic Management Office (TMO) will be full-forced in making sure that spectators will not be harmed and no one outside the game will be able to interfere and take advantage.


There will be a grading system to determine the winning team. The tournament is not about who gets to the finish line first but rather who gets the highest score in the grading sheet they have provided for all missions accomplished. Winning team will receive trophy and certificates. FRAG – Dumaguete said there will be no cash involved in the prizes to avoid the game from heating up.

Registration will start at 6AM at the Quezon Park and the game proper will start at 7AM. Registration fee is PHP250.00 per pax and a minimum of eight (8) and maximum of twelve (12) members is allowed in each participating team.

“We are expecting at least 8 teams to participate” added Agunod.

Big Group with Big Hearts

FRAG – Dumaguete which currently has around 30 members are not just about having fun in the battlefield-inspired games and closed combat games. Though this is the second time that the group has organized an airsoft tournament, this airsoft group in Dumaguete has also done quite a few humanitarian activities the past months.

Joyce Salabas and Raste, both members of FRAG – Dumaguete, narrated how much the group wants to give back to the community. Salabas shared that they sometimes get financial allocation from the mother team and they want to share their blessings to the people in the community too.

Feeding Program in Camanjac National High School.
Feeding Program in Camanjac National High School.

The group’s into feeding programs. Last time they went roving around the city and feeding street children as the go along. Recently they coordinated with Camanjac National High School to feed around 162 students. The group has also volunteered to help out with Gawad Kalinga in one of their feeding activities.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - AESOP Photos during the feeding program at the Camanjac National High School
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – AESOP
Photos during the feeding program at the Camanjac National High School
FRAG - Dumaguete members present during the feeding program.
FRAG – Dumaguete members present during the feeding program.

Moving on, the group is also eyeing on a tree planting activity in the near future.

FRAG - Dumaguete


Seven airsoft teams participated in yesterday’s event. See group photos below. The photos are arranged according to the group who came first to the last Mission area.

Airsoft Team Forestcamp.
Airsoft Team Forestcamp.
ASG - Dumaguete Chapter
ASG – Dumaguete Chapter
DAT-7 Team
Coyote Team
Coyote Team
DAT-7 Team
Airsoft Combat League Team
Airsoft Combat League Team
Airsoft Underdogs Dumaguete Team
Airsoft Underdogs Dumaguete Team
The last team to conclude the tournament is UAT team. A sub-unit of Airsoft Underdogs Dumaguete Team.
The last team to conclude the tournament is UAT team. A sub-unit of Airsoft Underdogs Dumaguete Team.
The people behind the success of the event, FRAG - Dumaguete and their willing hostage volunteers who made the MilSim more exciting and fun.
The people behind the success of the event, FRAG – Dumaguete and their willing hostage-drama volunteers who made the MilSim more exciting and fun.

Photo credits to Mark Anthony Trayvilla of Trials ra Na Photography in Facebook for the photos of each participating team during the tournament.

Got Tags? We Got You! Reloaded Batch 7

It’s that time of the week again folks, for our Batch 7 photo favorites. We’re excited to see you guys are all interested in being a part of our Instagram craze! Show us your photos of anything interesting stuff around the city. Let’s take a look at what we have chosen for our 7th batch.

@obradenzo: “Yaan Marter, in his book Life of Pi, said that to choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as of means of transportation. I wonder how things would go on if he gets to meet Descartes. #philisophy ”
@imdaniella01: “Running wild and free”
@kool_tangkad: “#sunday #church #cathedral #architecture #landmark #dumaguete #whenindumaguete #instapost #instapic #instagram #photooftheday #potd”
@asloythebitterqueen: “Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people”
@i.am_lalai: “God’s Morning”
@yumallen: “Sizzling Tofu”
@aecarus: “Electro run Party”
@rosei_jeanie: “Thanks for this send-off, guys, at Dumaguete’s much publicized convenience store! Ahehehehe! :)”

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The Philippines has a long history of loving pageants which makes Philippines a pageant amorous country. Beauty contests are everywhere. They’re held in malls, in schools, and in provinces during the thanksgiving fiesta. Speaking of fiesta, one of the fiesta highlight is the Miss Dumaguete pageant. Miss Dumaguete started back before the war. It was then called Queen/Muse of Dumaguete because Dumaguete wasn’t chartered yet. When it became a city, it was called Miss Dumaguete around 1948. The first Miss Dumaguete is Miss Isabelita Ruperto, sister of Dr. Ruperto.

miss dumaguete screen

Ten (10) candidates will vie for the Miss Dumaguete crown this year. There were more than 100 aspirants and 10 made it. “We screened them well because being Miss Dumaguete is not easy”, said Tourism Officer Woodrow Maquiling Jr. in an interview. One of the qualifications is that the aspirant should be at least 5’5” in height. (165 cm). This is because the crowned Miss Dumaguete will represent the city in national pageants. Just like our very own Miss Dumaguete 2013 Lorraine Kendrickson who made it to Miss World PH as 1st princess. All aspirants went through a strict screening process where they all have the casual interview and a panel interview. There’s also a swimwear segment to check that the girls have no tattoos. The screening team were varied panelist. They had a health officer from the city health office; there was an attorney, the Sanggunian secretary and a few other names in the city. During the screening process, they also had wide array of questions and the 10 candidates all passed that. Since 2012, when the City Tourism started handling the pageant, they stopped going for school-based candidates and started with the auditions and screenings to every Dumagueteñas. Miss Dumaguete has advocacies and one of it is geared towards environmental preservation. Maquiling mentioned that the candidates will have a tree planting activity in one of the Sundays prior to the fiesta celebration.

Miss Dumaguete 2014 Miss Malka Shave with Miss Dumaguete 2013 Lorraine Kendrickson Photo from: The Miss Dumaguete Official Fanpage Facebook
Our very own Miss Dumaguete 2013 Lorraine Kendrickson also made it to Miss World PH as first princess Photo from: The Miss Dumaguete Official Fanpage Facebook

Miss Dumaguete Press presentation will be on November 14 and Miss Dumaguete 2015 Coronation Night will be held at the Negros Oriental Convention Center on November 23, 2015 at 8:00PM. And because this is a prestigious pageant, the coronation night will be on formal attire. One thing different for this year’s Miss Dumaguete is that the candidates evening gowns were sponsored by the top designers in the Philippines coming from Cebu. This is also to level up our arts and culture here in Dumaguete. The City Tourism commissioned a production team from Cebu to help them with the entire Miss Dumaguete production. Maquiling mentioned that they will most probably have celebrity judges and designers during the pageant night. “Before we have no monthly subsidy, but what we are trying to propose for this year’s Miss Dumaguete is to make it monthly”, added Woodrow Maquiling, Jr. This monthly subsidy is for the crowned Miss Dumaguete’s personal budget for clothes and make up. He also added that they will have to allocate budget and look for funds for that.

  • According to Tourism Officer, Woodrow Maquling Jr., “Innovation of Miss Dumaguete had a MOA between the candidates and the Mayor. When they win they’ll have to fulfill their duties in various events. For instance we have to send them to Manila to represent the city in a national pageant because we have budget for that. They also have to be present in our various tourism events here in the city. If we have visitors, they will have to be the ambassadress. While they are reigning the crowned will get a monthly subsidy.

Miss Dumaguete Talent night presentation will be on November 20 where they will have a production number which is a Sandurot Festival production and What’s different for this year’s pageant is that there will be a Sandurot Festival Queen Costume Expo. All 10 candidates will wear Sandurot costumes during their production number. On the following day, they will display the costumes at Paseo Pedices in Rizal Boulevard on November 22 to 29. During Miss Dumaguete, we will highlight the Sandurot Festival”, Maquiling added.

“Everything is Sandurot Festival.” — Woodrow Maquiuling Jr., City Tourism Officer

Miss Dumaguete 2014 Talent Night! Photo from: Photo from: The Miss Dumaguete Official Fanpage Facebook
Miss Dumaguete 2015. Don't forget to mark your calendars for the highlights.
Miss Dumaguete 2015. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the highlights.

Prizes at stake are the following: 30K, 2K, 10K, 5K and 3K for the Top 5 winners and a consolation price of 2K and minor prizes.

This year’s Miss Dumaguete theme revolves around the Central theme “Dumaguete City: Celebrating 67 years of service, from community to the world.”

Let’s take a look at the 10 aspiring Miss Dumaguete this year.



Photos from The Miss Dumaguete Official Fanpage

You may also support your favorite Miss Dumaguete 2015 candidate/s by voting MSDUMAGUETE<space>NAME OF CANDIDATE and send to 2948. The candidate with the highest text vote will win the Miss Globe Award on the coronation night. See details below:

Miss Dumaguete 2015 Miss Globe award.
Miss Dumaguete 2015 Miss Globe award.

Who will take home the prestigious crown? SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!

Got Tags? We Got You Reloaded Batch 6

Life is like a camera. FOCUS on what’s important & you’ll CAPTURE it perfectly. -UNKNOWN

Welcome to Got Tags? We Got You! Reloaded’s 6th installment. It’s been a great week and it’s time to announce this week’s photo favorites. We don’t require theme requirement for this photo contest, all we ask is that you post your photo to Instagram, tag it with #dagitduma, then share it. So let us take your eyes all to our favorites this week.

@xxmikaelaaa: “Rasperry Yogurt Drink”
@khemoi: “New place in town!”
@iampakz: “God’s creation is already perfect. No filter needed.”
@jilliciooous: “No filter red moon”
@i.am_lalai: “Seducing the photographer”
@stepzze: “A Blue Sky”
@dzelamey: “Break the rush”
@rizaliaramirez: “Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffeee, and just as hard to sleep after.”

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Flavors of Dumaguete goes International, sister cities to sign MOA

Dumaguete City takes another milestone this month in time for the 67th Charter Day and Annual Fiesta Celebration of the city. Sister cities Dumaguete and Alameda in California, United States will sign the actual Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) as official sister cities.

Let’s get down the timeline. Last June 2015 Tourism Officer Woodrow Maquiling, Jr. together with Dumaguete City Mayor Manuel “Chiquiting” Sagarbarria went to the US so the latter can sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Alameda City Mayor Trish Herrera-Spencer recognizing the Sister City Relationship of Dumaguete City and Alameda City.

Maquiling even brought the good news of signing the MOU through his personal Facebook account when he was in the US to personally witness this event. See posts below from his Facebook account.

You may also check our previous post here to know more.

This month the Mayor of Alameda City will be coming over Dumaguete on the 21st along with 20 other diplomats from the US for the signing of the MOA. Not only that, another Mayor from our sister city in East Asia is coming over too to witness this milestone and historical event in terms of Dumaguete City reaching out to the world.

Yeongdong, South Korea Mayor is expected to arrive in Dumaguete on November 22nd to join this big event in the city along with 10 other diplomats from Yeongdong. This is not the first time for our sister city from South Korea to set foot here in Dumaguete. The Yeongdong-gun Council visited Dumaguete October last year headed by its Chairman Yeo Cheol Gu to celebrate Buglasan Festival of Festivals with us. The sister-city agreement with South Korea happened last June 26, 2008 at the Dumaguete Session Hall with top government and school officials from both the Philippines and South Korea

Sister City Luncheon Meeting with City Officials led by Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria and Yengdon-Gun Officials led by Chairman Yeo Choel Gu at Hotel Esencia – Photo grabbed from: Negros Chronicle

Two continents across the world will gather together to highlight the 67th Charter Day celebration of Dumaguete City and all this will happen this November 24, 2015 during the Flavors of Dumaguete event at the Rizal Boulevard. We will be having 30 international visitors’ at least official dignitaries to grace our festivities starting on the 21st.

“We wanna do it again because for the first time we will have two sister cities mayors arriving and joining us in our fiesta celebration” explains Tourism Officer Woodrow Maquiling, Jr. referring to Flavors of Dumaguete event.

It was September of this year when Dumaguete City Tourism held Flavors of Dumaguete as a way of commemorating World Tourism Day. This is the first flavorful culinary event held in Dumaguete showcasing the city’s best and top chefs and restaurants.

Flavors of Dumaguete held September this year at the boulevard. This month, chef and business owners in the city will gather together to make Dumagueteños experience the flavors of the world in one location this November 24, 2015 at the Rizal Boulevard, 6:00pm
Flavors of Dumaguete held September this year at the boulevard. This month, chef and business owners in the city will gather together to make Dumagueteños experience the flavors of the world in one location this November 24, 2015 at the Rizal Boulevard, 6:00pm

The event in September was a huge success with the number of locals and tourists swarming almost half the length of the Rizal Boulevard to witness, experience, and taste the different cuisines prepared by the various local restaurants, food establishments and culinary school and programs within Dumaguete City during the cooking extravaganza.

“What we did in September, we did it for the first time. There’s a public demand to bring it back” shares Maquiling during an interview. He also said that other chefs and restaurant owners within Dumaguete expressed their interest and intent to take part in the said culinary extravaganza.

“We wanted to showcase our Flavors of Dumaguete to international visitors on top of our SANDUROT Festival here.” – Woodrow Maquiling, Jr.

Flavors of Dumaguete was produced by the Dumaguete Tourism Team since a lot of people come to Dumaguete because of our food. In fact, one of the reasons why Dumaguete City is one of the best places to retire in the world is the affordability of wide variety of international and local cuisines available in the city.

Photo shows the successful event last September with people swarming the canopy area where the culinary extravaganza takes place.
Photo shows the successful event last September with people swarming the canopy area where the culinary extravaganza takes place. That’s host Mimi Uy doing some small talk with the chef to get to know them better while the conversation is put on speakers which can be heard across the venue for everyone to hear.

“We wanna give food the highlight which has been the precursor of tourism in our city”  disclosed Maquiling. Since it’s fiesta time and food has been a very good element of tourism in Dumaguete, Flavors of Dumaguete is once again happening this month to take part of the city’s breakthrough in strengthening friendly relations and economic ties internationally as well as putting Dumaguete City on the map for the best place to be in.

The team behind the success of the first Flavors of Dumaguete. (Please note that some tourism officers did not join the photo op)
The team behind the success of the first Flavors of Dumaguete. (Please note that some tourism officers did not join the photo op)

“Since we have official dignitaries to grace our festivities starting on the 21st, it’s nice that they can taste the world in one city during Flavors of Dumaguete.” – Maquiling

On the other hand, a turn-over ceremony will also take place aside from the signing of the MOA between Dumaguete and Alameda cities. The 40 computers coming from Korea will be turned-over by Yeongdong, South Korea Mayor to our own Mayor. The donated computers will be distributed to schools and other government offices in the city according to Maquiling.

Together let’s take pride of this achievement Dumaguete City coveted and join Flavors of Dumaguete at the Rizal Boulevard on November 24, 2015 at 6:00pm to witness and impart this milestone the city attained.

Flavors of Dumaguete: YOU'RE INVITED
Flavors of Dumaguete: YOU’RE INVITED