Got Tags? We Got You! Reloaded Batch 5

The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and the only wise can see them

– Paulo Coelho

October is now over but it’s the time of the week to announce our photo favoritesWelcome to our photo favorites 5th installment. This week, we went through our Instagram hashtag #dagitduma and find some great new shots. We have compiled some of those eye-candy images we have seen in our Instagram, just for you! Let Dagit Duma show you the beauty of Dumaguete’s nature and taste some good new food.

@vinbitz: “The perennial pedicab (motorized rickshaw) of Dumaguete”
@rizaliaramirez: “When things upset me, I get quiet and closed off. I have nothing to say and a chill sets in a while. I thing about what’s going on”
@i.am_lalai: “Forever alone”
@xxmikaelaaa: “Tea time with workmates”
@sheenasands: “Pulangbato, Valencia”
@mister_independental: “Meaty Filipino breakfast it is”
@xtianamaneo: “Always a #HappyTummy when visiting here”
@philipsardan: “Mt. Talinis view from the city”

So that’s it for our 5th installment. Please continue to show us your best Instagram photos by using our hashtag #dagitduma in your IG postsMake sure your IG account is public so can see those amazing shots. Who knows, your photo might land a spot in our next installment here in our blog site.

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Thanks again to everyone for always sharing your stories with Dagit Duma.

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Why not add your voice to this post and tell us what you think of these photos in the comments below. :):):)


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