NORSU: Hugyawan Festival

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A major event that the Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) celebrates annually is the “Hugyawan Festival”. It’s a culminating activity highlighting the celebration of NORSU’s Founders’ Day held every end of November. Hugyawan usually comes in on the last day of the school’s Founders’ Week. Hugyawan comes from the Cebuano word “hugyaw” which means to make very loud noise using drums and other musical instruments. According to Dr. Peter Dayot

The annual festival started in 1998; the same year as the Philippine Centennial. It simply began as a Linggo ng Wika street dancing parade that evolved into a small-scale Buglasan Festival and was changed into the Hugyawan Festival for it to have a distinct identity of its own.

Hugyawan is also Dumaguete City’s most awaited street dancing competition where students of the seven (7) NORSU campuses come together for a parade of colorful costumes and festivities. In addition, each contingent must present candidates for the Hugyawan King and Queen which were featured in their showdown and street dancing competition. The main objective of Hugyawan is to showcase the unique way of life of the people of Negros Oriental.


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    So true…I was even once a part of this big event during my college days. Just a little trivia and proud to say that “CEA – College of Engineering & Architecture” our Department was declared as the 1st Hugyawan Champion during that year…

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